my name is sam, i'm 18 and i'm not sure what's happening

i was vampireswillbutthurtyou


This tour is all about saving rock and roll and I come out here in a floral woman’s robe, playing a ukulele. — Tyler Joseph (via gothicgasm)


when ur crush tells a dumb joke and u make a frustrated noise and they go “come on you know you love me”

and ur just 

(⊙ヮ⊙) …………



The Front Bottoms


if u rub your boobs together it will start a fire

okay that was the last one omg thank you everyone though!!!


cuteconsciousthing asked: yo gurl are you still doing the playlist thing bc hi

ya i am omg and hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

L - less cute - say anything
O - oh no! - marina and the diamonds
U - up the wolves - the mountain goats
I - in my veins - andrew belle
S - second boys will be first choice - the brobecks
E - everyone is gay - a great big world

i hope some of these songs are new omg

Anonymous asked: laura :)

L - luv hold me down - drowners
A - admit it again - say anything
U - useless - anarbor
R - right here - the story so far
A - a raindance in traffic - the wonder years

thank you yo :))